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Please come check out the new
Premier Queer owned & operated Tattoo & Piercing Shop
in the Castro. Conveniently located behind Active Nutrition
and next to Books Inc in the arcade on ground level.

2275 Market Street, Suite #6
San Francisco Ca 94114

Shop 415-431-8900
Gauge's Cell 415-948-0332

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Please drop by to hang out for a bit or talk about what we will be tattooing next on you. We have all the resources to develop your idea into a design that works for you. We have created a very homey, relaxing and inviting atmosphere for you to enjoy.

We also provide piercing services in a hygenic and comfortable environment. Check out our selection of jewelry as well as other accessories to completement your body modifications.

Client consult at Bulldog Tattoo SF
Tattoo Studio at Bulldog Tattoo SF Prep Room at Bulldog Tattoo SF Tattoo Setup at Bulldog Tattoo SF
Our New Tattoo Studio
Prep Room With Sterilization Equipment
Typical Setup For Tattooing
Our New Entry
Surgical Steel and Other Accessories
More Piercing Accessories
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